DCOMMS Technology provide sip trunking wholesale call termination calling card services
 About Us
About Dcomms Technology :

DCOMMS Technology actively started trading in 2003 providing solutions and advice to both Corporate Clients and Telecommunications Providers. We stared by supplying backend and billing services to several Calling Card companies. Prior to 2003 we were providing VoIP termination services (H.323 and SIP) under a number of different brands. We specialised in Wholesale VoIP routes to the Telecommunications Marketplace.

Our History :

dcomms.net is owned and operated by DCOMMS Technology. For more than 10 years, DCOMMS Technology has been delivering unparalleled quality and reliability within the prepaid telecommunications industry. With more than 15,000 subscribers. DCOMMS Technology is one of the largest online wholesalers and master distributors of prepaid calling cards.
Being at the forefront of the prepaid telecommunications industry, dcomms.net has established itself as the innovative market leader and has nurtured relationships with tier one carriers helping to provide extraordinary quality and service. With communication facilities located all around the world, the company is able to provide exceptional long distance service at a fraction of the cost. With an unmatched portfolio of telecommunications products and services.

Our Products

dcomms.net has been in the business since the birth of the pre-paid calling card in the UK. dcomms.net has established itself as a leader in managing the domestic and International Calling Cards for the consumers. We sell the most reliable and dependable cards to their customers on tier one carriers, providing 100% Guarantee on all cards. At dcomms.net we provide calling cards to meet everyone's need, or your money back.